About Us

For decades the industrial sector has evolved to unimaginable points. Technological development and engineering ability have reached unthinkable goals. Telecommunications with smartphones are a clear example of this evolution. Now, consider how all this development has allowed the corollary birth of new businesses, such as drones and how these items are changing everyday life.

Today, more than ever, technological development has put the “reverse engineering” of these products in difficulty, and the ability to generate value from their disposal. For us at Recall First Hand, the word “waste” means to become added value.

We decided to translate the word Scrap, into Opportunity and we do it with the RecallFirstHand brand.

«RECALL First Hand», represents the first example of applying this philosophy. RECALL sells second life SMARTPHONES, guaranteeing equal functionality to new ones.
RECALL puts products with a series of additional Services developed tailored to the needs of our customers on the market

The pillars of our philosophy

Choosing the best of technology – Choosing the most reliable partners – Defining the product’s reverse engineering – Developing services tailored to the client – Maximum quality – Our DNA


Why Recall Firsthand

The products certified on RecallFirstHand.it undergo a rigorous
reconditioning process. The product must pass the same functional tests as new products.


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Our partners

To be the best you need the best in the team:

For Web development we rely on DesktopRemoto

For Media we rely on Emotionalview

For shipments we rely on DHL and UPS