Why Recall Firsthand

Because Recall FirstHand certified products have maximum quality. These products undergo a rigorous reconditioning process. The product must pass the same functional and quality tests as new products, so that the Refurbished device is “without its past”, but costs less. This allows you to increase the product’s longevity, with many positive factors:

  • you have the latest generation phone
  • you have one of the best products on the market
  • you have two years warranty
  • you helped produce less CO2
  • you have reduced waste
  • now you are one of us, you think like us……..


Because you will receive an Apple smartphone WITHOUT ITS PAST, and to continue in our philosophy of transforming waste into opportunities, you can choose to have it with or without a USB cable and CHARGER

Because we want to be different and we want you to feel different. For this reason, we do not do it like others but we have chosen the RECALL FIRSTHAND method

Because to do things differently, it is not enough to say it… you must do it, we do not limit ourselves to accompany the product with a conventional one-year warranty as required by law… but we give a two year warranty